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Eśímaf majoufa vau emine ujo irievasa.
Once there were three brothers, all born of the sky.

Se kelená kelená namovu okutefali namilo areleli qafinvi nemoa emine śívát śepśi ímaf poláeth le.
They chased round and round the earth until one day the youngest noticed all of the things below him.

Lohin rataśevi leth ense le ratet level opul há aoma emine ímaf efe.
He was very curious, so he wanted to go down and see what was there.

Le ojín fošelesa let le kevato nakevato ji le nakopelen.
He asked his mother if he could go but she refused.

-Qo našilo vevári kon majoufajo le, Le alo. Ji qafošisi heseki asula.
"You must stay here with your brothers," she said. But the youngest had another idea.

Le makín eši majoufavale kevato kon le lose foševi ímaf naoma ense semine maán aoma.
He convinced his brothers to go with him while their mother wasn't looking so they could all see.

Narele evákasu se qienla voam nasumanulu śik eše okutefasi ji emaf nakonse há emaf itanuva vau śik.
The next night they snuck down in the darkness towards the earth, but got separated and ended up in three different forms.

Fošesevi ákeva setesi ujo efefe evali átelen há esíya se eš anto keveven eše okutefali.
Their mother found out the next morning and scolded them for going down to the earth.

Le alo śepśi se vevári telameaśu itanuva namilo se ašema lohiátu.
She said that they were to stay there in their mortal forms until they learned their lesson.

Há sákasu majoufava vau mave kelená malin ensavu vau namilo se maán akele emaf konse irievasi śik.
And today the three brothers still chase through the three lives until they can once again be reunited in the sky.
This is the story that goes with my mandala. I figure, all cultures have stories, right? So this is one I came up with. It's not too good, but hey, it is what it is. This is the second translation I've done of this and it makes more sense than the last one. I've cleaned up a lot of the problems I've had with some constructions.

If you want to know specifics on any part, feel free to ask! I also should have some more translation exercises up soon. C:
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